Dear priests!

God has given us a grace
putting you on our way.
Thank you for being with us and for us.
We wish you God's grace, to persevere on the road,
you have chosen, enthusiasm and strength
needed to proclaim the Good News.
A particularly protection of the Mother of God.
God bless you!

Feast of Easter is a time of encouragement and hope,

time rebirth of faith in the power of Christ and the power of man.
I wish to bring the joy of Easter,
peace and mutual kindness.
To become a source of strengthening the spirit.
God bless you!
ks. prałat Józef Caputa
16 Kwiecień, 2014


We cordially invite all priests tennis players from all around the world to the following International Tennis Tournaments scheduled for the current year 2014:

1) The 3rd International Tennis Tournament for Priests in Manila, Philippines

The games will be held form Tuesday August 5 till Thursday August 7, 2014

2) The 3rd International Tennis Tournament for Priests in Kraków, Poland

The games will be held form Monday September 8 till Wednesday September 10, 2014

Both tournaments will feature Double and Single games and the participants will be divided according to the following system of classification:

Singles - age categories:

  • 45 and below
  • from 46 to 59
  • 60 and above

Doubles - there will be a separate category of cumulative age factor
over 80.

For registration and further information please contact us at one of the following e-mail addresses of your choice:

  • Fr. Jeff Shannon, Manila, Philippines.
  • Fr. Józef Caputa, Kraków, Poland.
  • Visit us at:

ks. prałat Józef Caputa
30 Marca, 2014